More than a simple online dictionary

The Dictionnaire Visuel Scolaire innovates through thematic organization and in-depth handling of topics.

  • 17 main themes supported by detailed illustrations, precise terminology and clear, concise definitions
  • 20,000 terms and an audio recording of their pronunciation for all languages
  • Over 6,000 ultra-realistic illustrations
  • Two trilingual versions: French-English-Spanish and French-English-German
  • A word game to check knowledge of terms associated with each illustration
  • Contains no advertising
  • Integrates into school portals

An innovative online dictionary that illustrates, names, defines and explains

The Dictionnaire Visuel Scolaire is an invaluable tool to acquire vocabulary and a rich source of visual material that can be exported to various media.

Navigate easily through illustrated thematic content

The Dictionnaire Visuel Scolaire’s unique navigation enables users to quickly find an exact word or to put an image to an unknown term encountered when reading.

In addition to using the integrated search engine, you can explore content more intuitively, navigating from the general to the specific by means of relevant imagery.