For your bilingual French-to-English translations, insist on an expert tool

  • 425,000 words and expressions, more than one million translations, 45,000 compound words, all conjugated verbs, proverbs and sayings, and phrasal verbs
  • New: 100,000 pronunciations (85,000 words in English, 15,000 in French)
  • New: a dictionary of synonyms for each language
  • A business module: 15,000 terms useful to companies
  • An expression guide and 300 cultural references to communicate clearly
  • All words are clickable in both languages

Completely redesigned, the all new Grand Robert & Collins offers:

  • A new, more intuitive interface
  • A powerful new search engine with auto-fill
  • Improved search: find a word even if it’s misspelled
  • 7,000 additions to clarify the latest developments in French and English

My dictionary always accessible on the Internet

Unlimited access during subscription period, the latest edition available, no updates to install, searchable online from any computer (PC, Mac, tablets, Linux).