The essential tool for students for all primary school subjects

The Robert Junior provides a new approach to the dictionary-as-reference-tool, with its original and pedagogical use of texts, sounds and images, and unique ways to navigate.

Its user-friendly interface and many audio and visual illustrations make the software fun and easy to use.

Kids like the lively approach that makes learning vocabulary fun and encourages them to use the online dictionary.


  • 32,000 words and meanings, with examples for each definition, synonyms and antonyms, homonyms, and word families
  • Conjugation of 3,500 verbs
  • 2,000 proper nouns
  • Image gallery: 2,500 directly accessible designs and photos
  • World atlas
  • Interactive timeline
  • Simple searches with an integrated corrector
  • Hypertext on all dictionary words to display definitions and navigate between the French language and proper nouns
  • Numerous multimedia and interactive features: atlas and timeline, image and video gallery, sound effects and background sounds, audio pronunciation of difficult words