Explore human anatomy from head to toe and from skin to bone.

With the help of a hyperrealistic human model, systems and structures can be studied individually or in layers through a unique viewer function that simultaneously displays organs and structures from two systems. You can also choose between different viewing angles, framing, depth and zooming options. Moreover, each anatomical structure is associated with an anatomical term, its definition and links toward additional information about physiology.

Whether used for in-classroom demonstrations or as a learning tool to help students complete their assignments, the Virtual Human Body will allow you to discover and easily understand the anatomical structures of the human body.

Main features

  • Navigate between 11 systems of the human body
  • Available in English and French
  • More than a thousand defined anatomical terms
  • Updated anatomical terminology that is compliant with the latest Terminologia Anatomica standard (2019)
  • The possibility to overlay two systems through a unique viewer function
  • Access to additional encyclopedic content
  • User-friendly learning tool with an intuitive interface
  • Ideal interactive resource for all human biology-related curricula such as nursing, nutrition and dietetics, physiotherapy, physiology, kinesiology, and occupational therapy