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  • A connected network of WIGUP classes to share and view the creation of other classes;
  • Two training courses to make the most of WIGUP's features.

What is a creaCtivity?TM?

A creaCtivity?TM is a creative and educational activity recommended for your students after viewing a video on in class. Its goal is to get your students to produce an article, a photo or a video that will be published on

A creaCtivity?TM is unique because it touches on an objective of the curriculum or syllabus, or on one of the global (or transferable) competencies that allow for better learning retention.

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  • Account creation for teachers and students;
  • creaCtivity?TM management (4 per month) and WIGUP entrepreneurial projects between October and May;
  • Review and publish each student's work on;
  • awarding end-of-year scholarships to the best publications and projects.

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